About Us

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It all started when...

JD Tulloch, Miguel Tenorio, Vincent Kruis and Noah Moores were all joking around with ideas and dreams at JD's house. Suddenly Keepin' It Real Records was born. K.I.R. is a Colorado-based collective aiming to build a community through artists, fans, and creatives alike. After dealing with bad promoters in the past we decided we're doing things our own way this time around. Keepin' It Real Records will be throwing events, continuing to build lineups of up-and-coming artists, curating music, and giving growing artists the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience.

Keepin' It Real Records has been heavily involved in the Colorado music scene in Boulder and Fort Collins, playing smaller, intimate events to bigger scale events. The movement has rapidly grown throughout the communities and Keepin' It Real Records has been driving to upscale the experience to their followers, the Keepin' It Real experience has been gaining the love from the Colorado community. Stay tuned as there is a lot more to be happening in the upcoming year!

As always, Keep on Keepin' It Real